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The best of our 2021 (so far)

2021 has been so far full of news regarding our products. We started new product lines and updated the current ones. Here’s a recap. 6 new professional interior clenaning products for Maranello brand. A glass cleaner, an air conditioner hygienizer, an upholstery cleaner and a dashborad cleaner in 3 fragrances. Two important features are the […]

otoTOP lights up with LEDs

A new look for car interiors with otoTOP LED car bulbs. 21 new items, available in multiple colors for the most common sockets. Featuring canbus technology. LED technology is becoming increasingly popular in the automotive world, replacing traditional light bulbs. Especially in interior lighting, LEDs represent an upgrade accessible to anyone. All the bulbs of […]

NEW PRODUCT: lumbar support

New product introduced in the Car Seat Cushions category. Lumbar Support

The seat covers range gets an update

We have renewed and redefined the range of our seat covers. Some models have been revised and new ones have been added. Renewed design for all packs. The range now consists of 9 models, divided into 3 lines. All seat covers are available in complete sets, and 5 of the 9 models are also available […]

Digital layout: a smarter way of setting up a sales point

Our digital layout editor creates a virtual image of how the setted up sales area would look like. It gives an immediate overview of the shelves and makes the physical installation easier. We introduced this new service aiming to make more customized and unique the relationship with each of our clients. The virtual project of […]

Are you ready for bike season?

The sun is out and so are our bicycles. It’s time to prepare to a rise of the bike accessories demand. We’re here to help. Here’s our new entries for this season. The bike market and of its accessories keeps rising. That’s why we keep our product range updated, especially this year. Some items have […]

Menabò’s newest carrying products for 2021

The bike market is expanding, and so is Menabò with its carrying products offer. Now are available from DAC all the Menabò’s novelties for the European market. There are 6 new items: the Quasar 320 roof box, the Chrono roof bike rack, the Viper rear bike rack and 3 roof bars in a black colorway.

NEW PRODUCT: steering wheel cover PROTECTOR

New product introduced in the Car Interiors category. Steering wheel cover – polyester – PROTECTOR P Steering wheel cover – rubber – PROTECTOR G

NEW PRODUCT: multipurpose black pall box display

New product introduced in the Sales Support category. Multipurpose black pall box display Multipurpose black pall box display LARGE

Tasotti’s newest for an always good-smelling house and car

We introduced 3 new perfumes from Tasotti for this 2021, for a total amount of 38 references. 2 car fresheners and one absolutely news: home reed diffusers. Let’s start with this news, these home perfumes, available in 16 refined fragrances.

Our car bulbs range gets wider

With the Update 01/2021 catalog, new car bulbs have been introduced. Our car bulbs range is now wider, to match every needs. The otoTOP brand offer for car bulbs includes both models for exteriors and interiors use.

Why the metal display in an effective solution

We have just introduced a new modular metal display. Let’s find out how it can create dispaly area and how it highlights the items. DAC introduced two modular metal displays that can be fully customized according to the needs of each pruduct range. We currently offer a selection of Maranello’s best sellers, specifically chosen for […]

Home care chemicals gets an update too

Home care chemicals product gets a look update. Now the bottle is black, like the otoTOP car care chemicals. The update items are the cleaning ones and the repellents: detergent cleansing foam for chimney, ant-mold spray, detergent cleansing foam for barbecue, repellent for dogs and cats, repellent for pigeons and birds. The bottle is made […]

Total black look for otoTOP car care family

New black look for otoTOP 750ml car cleaning bottles. The packaging is now mainly black, with yellow contrasting details. We updated the 9 articles of the car care family: the glass cleaner, engine cleaner, dashboard cleaner, tyre restorer, bumper cleaner, wheel cleaner, upholstery cleaner, insects remover and leather care. Let’s see how the new design […]

Maranello Sanity Scent: a 2-in-1 hygienizer car freshener

Sanity Scent is a car perfume with sanitizing power. Available in two scents made by 75% of alcohol. For a quickly sanitized car, without the smell of alcohol. This product is a 2021 new entry for Maranello brand, made for facing the current pandemic situation. Making your car a clean and safe environment is crucial. […]

Change your mind whenever you want with Magic Skin removable spray film

Maranello Magic Skin is a removable spray film, available in 3 colorways plus a transparent one. The film can be removed after 24 hours it has been applied, leaving no signs. It’s the perfect product if you want to try a new look, maybe for your car rims. If you’re not sure about the result, […]

Il nostro catalogo si espande con Varta e Bosch

The Update 01/2021 catalog is out now

The Update 01/2021 catalog is now available in digital copy. We also introduced a procedure for notifying when a new item is prompt delivery. There are more than 100 new products, starting from new LED car bulbs and variations of the halogen ones. The bike line has been updated too, with accessories and brand new […]

NUOVA REFERENZA: cartello “P” principiante

NEW PRODUCT: 4 lt tank 10W40 and 15W40 motor oil

New product introduced in the Emergency and Maintenance category. 4 liters tank 10W40 motor oil 4 liters tank 15W40 motor oil 4 liters tank Maranello 10W40 motor oil 4 liters tank Maranello 15W40 motor oil

Maranello Magic: for a professional interior cleaning

6 new professional interior clenaning products for Maranello brand. A glass cleaner, an air conditioner hygienizer, an upholstery cleaner and a dashborad cleaner in 3 fragrances. An important news for the Maranello brand: the spray can. All of this new articles features a spray can, for a greater precision and homogeneity while releasing the product.

È consentito il commercio di accessori auto in zona rossa

NEW PRODUCT: protruding load sign

New product introduced in the Emergency and Carrier category. Protruding load sign

NEW PRODUCT: single heel pad OVER

New product introduced in the Carpet category. Universal single heel pad car carpet – OVER

NEW PRODUCT: 5 lt tank radiator liquid

New product introduced in the Car Care Products category. Antifreeze radiator liquid 5lt -26° red specific – LONG LIFE

Welcome to the brand new DAC srl website!

Our brand new website is live! This will be the primary source for keeping in touch with DAC srl: from new products to the events we’re going to attend, and everything concerning our stakeholders. An useful feature of this website are the product pages. There’s one for each item in our catalogue. That’s where you’ll […]