Business Area


A section of our company has always been dedicated to the development of our customer’s branded product lines. Our internal graphic studio creates the graphics according to the customer’s instructions, then conforming them to current regulations. We have created product lines under the brands of the most important Italian players in the sector. We also offer products for marketing or promotional operations such as our customizable SECRET car air freshener


We create virtual product display/layout to show to the customer how the sales area would be set up. The proposal is developed according to the customer’s space requirements and based on the requested product selection, to be chosen from the wide range proposed in our catalog.

The same is done for the virtual promotional proposals of the various pall box that we offer  for such sales activities.


Our network of partners spread over the territory, guarantees, where required, the supervision of the store and a direct contact with us, in order to optimize in the right time, not only the supplies necessary to fulfill the store, but also the presentation of the new products that we develop frequently, the last-minute offers, and not least, maintaining a human relationship that is often lost, replaced more and more by new technologies.

For countries / types of customers still uncovered, we are glad to evaluate cooperation proposals. Form for more information or cooperation proposals


Web sales are becoming more and more important in the market. Our policy currently is to rely on those who already do business with the right tools and the professional ability to manage this activity correctly, punctually and precisely. In this case, we offer adrop shippng service: shipment of product to the consumer directly managed by our warehouse, to take away from our customer the financial costs of product stock and warehouse staff.


Usually we offer promotional activities aimed at seasonality, making a selection of the most rotating products, for which we try to offer interesting prices and fast deliveries able to capture the best moment of the season. Often, we also add a series of pall box / diplays that allow the best product presentation in the promotional area.


Our constantly evolving B2B Area is now active. It provides commercial transactions managed electronically, with an operating system aimed at accelerating orders creation, immediate information on the product / packaging and many other important details for the definition of correct and fast commercial activity.